Die Fo Me Testo

Testo Die Fo Me

die fo me Germanator Dear Dadda my homie my Fatha / U got my back like no other / Blood is thicker than water / We family like dat cuz da stripes on yo back I wasn?t knowin U luv me like dat As a matter a fact / My bads U alwayz retract Neutrolize like da Men in Black / I reminisce Shoop we go way back / U was always watchin? Over me even when my life was all jacked / Juvenille delinquint cash money on stack / My hood my homies / ya?ll didn?t know me My blunted mind my blunted brain / 2 hide da Scars 2 hide da pain / Falsley accused catch a case / Innocent death of a friend who died in my place Chrous Can?t believe dat U died 4 me Dat U laid yo life down down 4 me (Down 4 Me) Can?t believe Lord dat U ride wit me Cuz U down like dat U so alive 2 me (Alive 2 me) Can?t believe Lord dat U died 4 me died 4 me (homie love show me love) Dat U laid yo life down 4 me down 4 me (Die 4 me) Germanator Ya?ll didn?t know dat thuggz cry / Thuggz break down Guilt from thugg life / minute by minute another thugg dies/ Another funeral hard Knock life / I think I would of killed Myself if it wasn?t 4 Christ / U my strength in da storms & Hard times / trials Tribulation is what I seems 2 find / Like a psalm of David I cry out in a rhyme / Much luv time After time / U got beat got scorged 4 da crimes I did / Crown of thorns / Yo blood was shed / Yo whole crew boned out / ran & hid / as U cry dat day Eli Eli Lama Sabathani Fatha please forgive