Flossin Testo

Testo Flossin

Flossin Big Daddy Dub I rock a big ?O? Christian fish blang / Wit a lil silver rang / On a cheap silver chain / Dats what I bang fo my blang blang / Saging size 42 levi jeans / So fresh so clean Ya?ll feelin me / Baby blue L.A. cap 2 da back ya heard dat / Kick back O.G. from da O.C. Sport da goe-t / 4 dukie braids / Wit da side of my head shaved / I?ll hush puppies / Guess watch & my wedding rang / Blang blang dos earings / Let freedom rang / Hear Mine? siz-sang worship-ang dipping in my Chevey / Parlay in da Word every single dizz-aaay / U can shine up yo 20? rims / Homeboy U still condemed / No matter how hard U floss / U could never wash dat nasty sin within / Peep Judges 10 / Then read it again / Tola means worm in da Hebrew / I thought U knew / Flip 2 Psalms 22 / Duce Duce / Revelation is let loose loose / Woo Woo / If U only knew knew / What da worm do fool / Climbs up a tree breaks its body in 2 / Like U know who uh / Now we all cool uh / Like Sunday afternoon Uh / After church hit up Sam Woo / Chiness Dim Sum / Taste da bizzz-omb / I script this phat sizzz-ooong / Anointed lyrics like Oden Fong & everythang I ever did wrong / Wash by da blood breaking down da Holy 411 Chorus Flossin (Flosin Flossin) Our sins as white as snow dats da way we roll Flossin (Flossin Flossin) Everywhere we go floss dats how we roll Flossin (Flossin Flossin) Our sins as white as snow dats da way we roll Flossin (Flossin Flossin) Down wit da king we so fresh we so clean Mine?eee I floss ghettolicous cuz being ghetto?s my bizzznazzz / D.J. spins my hit list maintaining my Christian witness / 24/7 on floss mode / Breakin down da religous mode / feel this ghetto wordrob it?s covered in blood though / Echo Tommy da dope cornrows / Da Germanator bangs his phat afro / Everywhere we roll / Represent da Gospel / Not 1 million sold but 1 million saved souls Germanator I debut da Fubu & da Kobi shoe / Rock da quick blue / Don?t forget da cap fool & shampoo / So I could dye my afro baby blue / XXXX use Xboc 2002 stay up all night wit my crew / Durags Germanator sagzzz create new fadzz / I got my stereo on blast / bangin my tracks / I don?t mean 2 hurrasse Never dip fast / Alwayz relaxed / Floss 2 da max / Da ride all wax / No need to stack mad cash / In da Word I be stead fast / Da first gonna be last / So fresh so clean from my past / iniquity washed 2 da max / Nuetralize yo sins like Men in Black / Da blood of Christ in full effect / Halla back Outro What can wash away my sins nothing but da blood of Jesus What can make me whole again nothing but da blood of Jesus!