Geed Up Testo

Testo Geed Up

geed up Germanator Funky monkey see / Funky monkey do fool HOOO Yea I'm talking about U / What U gonna do / Follow yo crew / Into da grave it's time 2 behave / Listen up if U want 2 get saved / It's dat 1 triple 9 we in da end of times / U can't shake da judgement day / U best bow down & start 2 pray All yo 9 millimeters & AKA's won't save nobody / Y2chaos I got 2 floss kick it wit da big boss Fools get tosse da battles lost / Welcome 2 dat party & enter in get forgiven Before da wicked 1 checks yo chin Time2 meet yo maker / No haters no faker no perpetrators Got 2 keep it real fo da savior Big Daddy Dub Homies around da block in da lowriders / Getting Stoned Getting Higher / Highdralics & spokes keep a fool real broke Gotta make dat paper so they jack their neighbor / U needs 2 meets yo creator / Da sin regulator / He'll terminate ya & cast U down into da abyss / If U don't feel Mysterious Chorus Are U Geed Up / Are U Down / Is U reaady When da chips are down / Are U Geed Up Are U Down / Is U ready / When dat funky horn sounds (repeat) Germanator Up on da corner off a Daisey & 3rd / I see da pimps & ho's yo / Straight kick 2 da curb word / Murders & thieves can't get wit me / I'm living Holy & free serving da Almighty / G's be banging G's be slangin / Essays wit they frescos hanging / Slanging rock's 2 da cops / Out da 64 up & down da block / And they won't stop / Throwing up their neighbor hoods / Like U know da Fools would Blasting each other a brother up 2 no good / Think fool will yo homie be down / When dat funky horn sounds / Will he have yo back / When da wicked attacks or jacks / U needs 2 be strapped / Like a true soldier much bolder acting older I got a double edge sword / Dat will pierce yo heart rip yo flesh apart / Listen son U needs 2 catch a clean start Germanator From da vadio 2 da ghetto it's all da same / Always hooriding on fools over stupid thangs / Talking dat slang don't mean a thang / Cause we used 2 run around da hood / Like a loc da fied in a gang / Never scared 2 die always ready 2 lie / Now I know da king laid down his life / Then he will arise from da dead It's a big showdown about 2 jump off / U ain't gonna make it if U soft / U got 2 be hard like me / Geed up from my head 2 my feet's Coming equipped never catch me slip / Cause I be quick can't get my behind whipped / So kid don't trip I be da best never mess wit Thee Intelligents Repeat Chorus