It's Like Dat Testo

Testo It's Like Dat

it's like dat Germantor When I reminisce back in da day Just a Lil kid I remember da hate How da german kids would mock me I was so mistreated yea yea My teacher would pull my hair Uncle always twist my arm I swear I?m sorry I didn?t have blue eye?s or blond hair Nobody said life was fair no no it?s not fair Opa had no luv 4 my fatha cuz he was black My mother was called an ?N? word lover Tongues of viper cuts U like a knife in da back Germanator When about 12 I began2 rebell Arnoldhainer strasse is were we raised hell Roedelhaim Frankfurt was my hood Me & da homies jackin? all we could At da age 13 thugg life was my thang 2 be a drug hussler was not yo average childhood Dream dream no no no childhood dream Armed robbery locked up in jail Jackin G-rides ein verruecter Juvenille Facin? a 2 year case I remember da tears Runnin? down my mothes face oh yea yea yea Down my mothers face Germanator Shook Deutschland bounce 2 da U.S. 2 live wit my dad but he was a mess He beat on me when I was a sleep Bring home hookers try 2 get me 2 freak I ran away 2 live on da streets Jumped into da a gang found no happiness Momma Delilah said 2 me Call on da name of Jesus Germanator Called on his name now I?m born again Spirit filled got a new beginning Back in Germany in da ministry Preach da gospel 2 da whole family Not knowin? if my Grandfather made it 2 heaven On his death bed there was screamin? & yellin? But I do know one thang we all need forgivness Chorus My Grandfather was a Nazi my Daddy is black My Mamma is white & It?s like dat It?s like dat