Mo Ice Testo

Testo Mo Ice

mo ice Dub I saw U on da news bro / A car chase by da po po Didn't yo mama teach U dat's a no no / Why U backslide fo / Caught up in dat holy laughter / Glued Da floor / I holla at U sayin' study yo bible %100 pure gospel / U don't hear me though / Now went act a fool / Da homies in jail gonna treat U cruel / Now what ya gonna do / Who's gonna take care boo / We got da get da whole church 2 pray fo U / shoop dude shoop Germanator False profit Benny / Bank mo pennies from lil' Granny / Send all her money 2 da fool up on T.V. / Fake minstry fraud industry / How many false prophesies 2 make a false prophet um lets see one how dumb lets take this outside stone em' / No rebuke em' & let da Son deal / wit da leaven / It ain't gonna be much fun dead & broke burnin' / All dat robbin' U be earnin' Dub Thugz rob & steal / 2 put da ice up in they grill / 5 karrat in they baby girl ears / Risk going 2 jail fo gang of years Baby girls diamonds turns 2 tears / Fears growin up insecure it appears / Da welfare line is da career / Ice became yo life pimp yo own wife / Material world causes much strife / U couldn't stop rollin' dat ice / Now it's time 2 pay da price Mine' eee Diamonds are a girls best friend / Where U been / Cuz in da end / Yo money's what's U spend / Like da Titanic da rich & poor will panic / Blue diamonds in da bottom of da Atlantic Shiny rocks can't fill da spot Jesus got / My treasure is da rock