My L.i.f.e. Testo

Testo My L.i.f.e.

my l.i.f.e. Germanator Thee Intelligent / Searching fo God place 2 place / All over this world / From Germany 2 Long Beach 2 outer space / I tried Jehovah Witness / But Satan created da self-righteous & da religious / I Got 2 quit this watchtower wit da quickness Searching fo answer into da abyss / My soul is twisted so I guess in my quest / I peeps Allah & da Muslim faith / But da Islamic Nation led me astray / Dear God I pray show me da way / Kicking it wit da homies sippin da 40's / I was tilt on dat allazey / Party & liquor 2 hide my pain / Forever feeding da flesh is like eternal life of sin / But it's only good fo a season / Let it be known da Lord will squash it / & then it will all end when I become born again / Da answer 2 a unknown brothers prayer 2 deliver a soul from sin / Blessed wit dae crown / Enter into da kingdom Big Daddy Dub Born into sin August 5th way back when / Cuz in Genesis Adam & Eve did not listen 2 thee / Cursed was all men so we be struggling I was kicked out of kindergarten fo ditching / Pops hooked on alcoholism / My little sister & I began 2 cry / When Dad tried suicide he didn't die / Moms asked fo divorce / Of course it was da worst Latch key kid / Momma didn't know / Half da bad things dat we did Played all da sports / Probably saved me from juvenile courts / A Hollywood teen / Sex, drugs, & rocking roll was my thang / I finally surrendered my life 2 da Lord / Through a Christian women I adored I soared, I roared / Married within weeks / I was too weak / 2 fight da evil attacks from da enemy / Much pain is much gain cuz all thangs Work 2 da good / Fo those who luv da King / Circumstances of my sin Would soon find me out / I was a father of a 2-year-old daughter Bianca Larachelle / Her mama I didn't know so well / Da Lord picked me up & / Brought me 2 my knees / & brought 2 me / Da G.O.D. P.O.S.S.E / But sin creeped up in / 7 x's da demons / But then my Baby / girl Jordan / Conceived in Sin / All Y'all shorties & young G's / Learn from / me da Double Z / U see da Lord has since fixed this Broken Arrow / Now Zigg Zagg's up on da straight & narrow Rimidi Long Beach California is where I use 2 ride / Representing wit much pride Always sippin da 40 O's keepin my buzz right / Guns & Gangs playing ghetto / gangsta games / Jacking hurting hating inflecting much pain / Hard core evilness / crazy sin / Da Lord was knocking at my door / But I wouldn't let him in / No self control confusion loneliness / Anger forever cursing was mysterious / Life of / madness it was out of control / Headed fo a life of hell wit no payroll / But He came 2 set da captives free / I thank God he sent Van Gary 2 me / I wanted 2 beat him dezown at first / Nothing less than greet him wit a curse / Once I was blind, Now I can see / This is da story of my L.I.F.E Chrous This is da Story of / "My Life" / This is da Story of "My Life" / This is da Story of / "My Life" / This is da Story of / "My Life" Repeat Chorus