Ohh Ohh Testo

Testo Ohh Ohh

ohh ohh Big Daddy Dub How much did U pay 4 dat diomond ring Fool went broke try 2 impress his friends How much did it cost 4 dat big? O bling bling Thinkin? U was a star boy U can?t even sing What bout? all dat gold up in yo mouth U decieved homeboy U ain?t from da dirty south Now how U gonna drive around & act like a ?G? U ain?t a gangsta just B-cuz u bump Master P How much did U pay 4 dat custom SUV Wit da wood grain dash peanut butter leather seats Didn?t U know da rich should give 2 da poor U be drinkin? crystal actin? a fool on da dance floor How much cash money did U gets in dat record contract Boy, U a Christian now look how U act How U gonna act like satan ain?t real He came 2 kill rob , decieve & 2 kill Chorus Oh Oh ( Da gangsta tryin? 2 gank ya Oh Oh (Mikelvellie ain?t a gangsta) Oh Oh (Da pimp is tryin? 2 pimp ya) Oh Oh (Dub Z ain?t a pimpsta) Oh Oh (Da playa tryin? 2 playa ya) Oh Oh (Mine?eee is a lady) Oh Oh (Da devil tryin? 2 get ya) Oh Oh (e-tribe a Christian soldier) Big Daddy Dub How much will it cost 4 U 2 be a star Pimp yo soul forget who u are And what?s it gonna take 4 yo 2 get rich Dog eat dog a cut throat sell out snitch How much U gonna pay 4 dat crip in Newport Bay Satan screams bow down worship me How much U gonna charge up at da mall today Now U a slave in Egypt credit card debt 4 eternity And what bout? all dat back bittin? gossip U pass Akk ways up in everyone?s bizznazz How much will it cost 4 u 2 entertained Never take time 2 thank waist yo brain How much time was U locked up 4 dat crime dat U did Locked up 4 life since U was a lil kid Suckers gettin? tooked suckers gettin? played Yo soul will be required of U this day