Paper God Testo

Testo Paper God

paper god Germanator Every Rap group on earth is paid / Like da whole world trade Mafia man is made blown up da whole hood / Running game slanging grenade & AKA's wicked minds / Fo da money killing Human beings just fo payday / Black candy bars yo hearts / Are hard & scared / Yo mind's filled wit nuts & lust / Smoken da dust Yo life is in a bind a grind / When will U find / Da truth da way da life / U light needs da shine / All paper in da world / Dead President da Benjamin's / Won't give U peace spirit gots 2 increase / Decease da flesh yo life is a mess / A living stress in da wicked west / Da Lord will give U rest Big Daddy Dub Why U stack yo riches / Up on earth's / Why stack yo treasures They gonna burst / Why U sell yo soul now / Fo da paper / There gonna burn away now / U'll pay later / See money & cars & videos Is on yo heart / Lexis, check is, & da Rolexes / Is da main part of yo life / Da American dream / Is a wicked sceme peoples fiend / It's a bad scene what human beings / Doing things 2 each other / Jack their own brother or mother / Wit their mind on their self / Their wealth 1 billion fo a / Stealth in Kosavo to NATO / Who's da war hero feel me yo / But U don't hear me no mo Germanator Indo & tweak fo weeks / Yo mind is on da blink / U went up a creek without a paddle / U in a battle satin rattles yo cage / Yo in a wicked rage / All da worlds' satins stage Big Daddy Dub 2 him who has an ear now / Let him hear / Let da Holy Spirit speak now / Have no fear / U see It's harder fo a rich man 2 enter heaven Than stick a benzo through an eye / Of a needle 7/11 / Playing da dice game / On top of da world / Gotz much love much fame Much girls Lur jets million dollar bets dark blue corvettes / Da cash box buy U s.e.x. / Man s intellects wrecks / The spirit U can't hear it / You lust interferes wit it / As da years takes it's toll / U still have a hole in yo soul / No kinda peace no mo Germanator Slave 2 your flesh at best it's a temporary rest / It don't make sense why don't U invest in da / Kingdom of heaven & serve da Son / Eternal life of hell is no kinda of fun / Don't act dumb he's number 1 / Creator of da sun da stars da moon / Earth decays away we in da last days / Like purple haze / it's gonna blaze / Yo life is like a maze chase yo tail / Fo self praise just wasting away in da graves / There's no stars no cars / No mall no ballars No hustler / No busters No pimps / Just a climps of eternal lake of fire / & it's coming down 2 da live wire Big Daddy Dub Da love of money / Is da root of evil / Da love of money / Stumble much peoples / No one can serve 2 masters / It's da worst / U can't serve God & money Recognize it's Jesus first Chorus Open up yo eyes then yo eyes / Then U realize / Da M.O.N.E.Y U can not take it when U die! Repeat Da truth da way da life Da truth da way da life Da truth da way da life Da truth da way da life Repeat