Put Da Glock Down Testo

Testo Put Da Glock Down

put da glock down Big Daddy Dub Back in da days bouncin' in my Cheverolet / Woofer's banging craz-aaa / Gangsta lean day after day / Sippin on my fort-aaa Chillin wit Bird Dadda-aaa / & Bamm's da loc'ed out es aaa Tweekin on scantaaa / Makin da beats fo my home aaa's In Victorvallaaa now I stay / In Orange Count-taaa / So halla if U hear maaay / I need ya'll 2 feel maaaay / Satin tring 2 kill maaay / Jesus gave me victor-aaa / Now politician say / He's gotz a better waaay / It's not O.K. 2 pray / But it's O.K. 2 be gay / Moral Decay From da evolution theory / Darwin saaay No hope And my great granddadd-aaa / Was a monk-aaa No God then they blast away / Jump into a street famil-aaa Lil short-taaa's 13th Birthdaaay / Running wit a gaaage / He's bound 2 kill somebod-daaa / Lil Gee's needs a Godly Dad-daaa I pray Big Daddy Dub / Thou shall not kill Thou shall not still / Da Ten Commandments are real / Everybody just chill Germanator Da big big (bang bang) / It's a crying lying shame Saying da whole universe / Evolved from nothang Da laws of thermodynamics / Gotz athiest in a panic Siencetist kind a frantic / Creationist causing static Cuz we ain't haven it I ain't mad at it / Homie luv is automatic when U a Jesus fanatic / We going from order 2 dis-order / Not dis-order 2 order / When U saw a bomb drop / Blow up da whole block Put everything up in da right spot (Not Not Not)!!! God created da heaven & earth / Gave yo mama life 2 give U birth / He hears when U curse & sees when U do yo dirt / So don't acted a jerk get a job & go 2 church / Don't hang around da ghetto clowns / Satin will have U bound / Locked up downtown / So homie ("Put da Glock Down") Chorus Put da glock down no need fo dat da everlasting Say'es why U always gots 2 be balstin Put da glock down / Put da glock down Put it down now Repeat Chorus