This Is For My Lord Testo

Testo This Is For My Lord

This is fo my Lord Big Daddy Dub I?m talkin? bout? da Elohim Da El Shaddai Da King of Kings Christ Da Messiah Represent Da Adoni El Elyon God Most High Yehovah Jirah dat?s how I ride / watch my God provide Till da day I die Yeovah Rapha-Raha- Raha / My heavenly dada-dada Yehova Shammah yo Heavenly Fatha / My healer My banner Yehova Nissi off da hessi fo shessi El Roy God who sees me free?s me I?m livin? a life 2 please thee Iesous in da Greek Iesous in da greek / Jesus in da ebonic English Dub Z speaks / Moses tell? um I am who Iam Jeshua virgin born straight out of Bethlehem Chorus This is fo my Lord This is fo my King This is from da e-tribe family This is fo my Lord this is fo my King just a little heavenly ghetto melody Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (Throw yo praise up up) Way up way up way up (Throw yo praise up up) Germanator Baruch Ha Shem Baruch ha Shem Hamashiach HaMashiach da Son of Man Da light of da world Da unspottd lamb Born in Bethlehem Kadosh Korban Nails through His feet & hands Spear 2 his Side On Pesach He died Mathew 27 da blood was spilled Dat I might have life Shalom Alaykhim Yerushalayim This ain?t no fairy tale from Disneyland 2 be saved U gots 2 be born again John 3:3 Exodus 12 Mic check 1,2,3,3 His death was predicted in the Old Testament He?s da beginning & da end Da Passover Lamb Testified by da prophets in da Holy Land Psalms duce duce King David prophesied fool 1000 years prior 2 Jesus Christ A Hebrew a Jew Cruzified by me & U peep da good news Sign posted King of da Jews (Eli Eli Lama Sabathani Wooty woo woo don?t act like U don?t know who That?s right I thought U knew