Thu Thugs U Life Testo

Testo Thu Thugs U Life

thu thugs u life Germanator I feel da pain from da game / Da song remains da same old thang G's bang in a gang fo fame they claim / They hood up 2 no good Thug life misunderstood / So recognize da enemy lie / A homicide drive by / Make yo whole hood cry / Fo what for why / Do U have 2 die / Make yo baby's mama cry / Vengeance is mine / Sayeth da Lord 2 live by da Sword / Is 2 die by da sword / G-up & receive what's yo's Chorus Thug U Live & a Thug U Die Watchin' as da world turns & da future pass U by repeat Big Daddy Dub It all about a eye fo an eye / A tooth fo a tooth / Everybody think they so cool / Acting a fool / Though they claim 2 be wise / They living a lie / Da wicked has blinded their eyes / Many tears many cry's / Many questions asked / Why Lord why / My homies had 2 die in da streets / Of Long Beach / They pops needs 2 teach / Gods Word 2 reach in between / Da soul & da spirit / Da beat make U feel it / Can U hear it / U needs 2 forgive & forget / Don't regret don't fret don't sweat / Da time behind da bars / He's keeping yo tears in a jar / He's never very far He bear all of da scars / He know who U are / A rider in a gang it ain't no thang / He will forgive U even if U bang / It's time 2 be a man Germanator Whatever's gonna come around / Is gonna go around / Siren lights siren sounds / He hears yo heart pound / Flateline it's yo time 1999 / Playing dice wit yo soul on da line / Domino time 2 go U gotta roll / Heaven or Hell What should I tell yo lady / All yo homies yo baby / What should I say / Did U have time 2 pray / We lay yo soul 2 rest / It was 2 gunshots 2 da chest