Westcoast Hit Testo

Testo Westcoast Hit

westcoast hit Germanator A mothers cry Baby G-boy dies get no headlines Tired of being hypnotized by da mass media Da devil in disguise it?s all lies everybody all high Shots ring out at Poly High Another drive bye In da ghetto eye 4 an eye sirens try 2 surrive Live or die demoralized victimized scandlized Desenstized yo heart are hard cuz da hood never Aologize house full of roaches & mice broke as a joke Yo moms a Christian but she?s unequally yoked 2 an alkoholic strung out on dope ghetto dreams washed out like soap Jesus brings hope dats fo sure Big Daddy Dub 20 thugg years livin? in da ghetto 20 some years Should I stay or get up out of here Gunz shots Stray bullet wizz by my ear Abortion is genecide on babies It?s crystall clear Lil? girl in da news disappear Generation dominated by fear Ghetto superstar Exalted like shakespear I?m like pioneer Paul Revere I shout out satan is neeeaaar Demon possed gang banger 187 on da cashier fo $38 A pack a smoke & a case of beer Catch a case fo a gang a years Gangsta phobia drug uptopia infects California Welfare lines Crip walk & gang signs Blind leading da blind in search of a California gold mine Crime after crime U out yo mind Devil got U blind if U seek U will find Fo yo Heavenly Father U makes no time cuz Pharo?s 9 to 5 grind Dub Z draws da line Representin? rhyme after rhyme Re-newin yo mind Chorus Bangin? dat Westcoast hit yea (Playa?s do U hear me Yo) Fo da O.G.?s & da homie?s & da C-clicks ( Ballas can U feel me though) Mobbin? 12 deep bringin? forth dat funktified gospel heat (Da Lord want deliver U) Dippin? through da hood cuz U know I would (Oh Oh Oh) Bringin? forth da truth dat will set U free (Set U Free-e-eee)