What Set You Claim Testo

Testo What Set You Claim

Big Daddy Dub Why U jumping off at da Grammy's like dat / Why U jumping off spitting all dat smack / Thanking Jesus fo this Jesus fo dat / Da Lord knows were yo heart at / He see's how U act / He see's when U still / He see's when U kill / He see's da dope deal / So U can pay yo bills / He hear's when U cry / He hear's when U lie / He hear's da drive by / Mama cries why Jesus why Jesus why Germanator $20,000 Dollar pinky ring dayton's on yo limousine / Making da Ladies scream / Making da Homies sing / Bling Bling / Living in a dream / Shake da Ghetto Scene / Understand what I mean / Life's but a vapor / Life's but a little dream / It's gone wit da wind / In da end who will save U then Left 2 die in yo sin / Or call on him ask him in / Homie be born again Representing what set U in / Life can begin or life can end / What set U claim Big Daddy Dub Why U pushing wickedness on yo joint like dat / Why U selling out 2 satin & sin like dat / Da father of all lies wolf in dis / Baring no truth deceiving da worlds youth / He knows were U goes / He knows why U flows / He knows why U do yo shows / He knows when it's time fo U 2 go / He came 2 give his life / He came 2 die & rise / A living sacrafice / 2 die 4 U & I Germanator 500 SL from da record sells / Mac Grundell big lapel's / Shout outs 2 da homies in jail / Juvenille leading millions of kids 2 hell / Storytell bout da rebel / Making Da mama's yell / Their father's who fell / Bone Thugs & Harmony or Snoop D. O. double G / Miss representin Christianity / Blowed using profanity / It's vanity Gangsta fantasy / Homie can't U see it's da enemy / Deceiving da O.G. Chorus What set U claim / Heaven or Hell / What set U claim / Heven or Hell Repeat 4x