Why You Wanna Trip Testo

Testo Why You Wanna Trip

why you wanna trip Big Daddy Dub Fools need 2 take a step back / Always on da attack Wit da hammer cocked back / Ready 2 blast a homies back / Wicked imagination false accusation / Accuser of da brethren / Yo gonna fall 2 temptation Germanator Young Intelligence / Spittin game in his name / No need fo da fame / Persecution still da same old thang / Like da prophets dat we're before me "uh""/ BOMP BOMP" Count Thee worthy Big Daddy Dub Lord God have mercy on their souls / Fo they do not know What they reap is what they sow / Slanders & gossips wit hatred in their heart / Persecuting da e-Tribe / We're set apart Sanctified & washed by da blood / Walking in da spirit / Da first fruit is his love Germanator Homies I thought U knew / Da battle is not against Flesh & blood or me & U / But spiritual wickedness In high places so Satan's trickiness / Can't get wit this so save this / Drama Fo yo mama / e- tribe is much Bomba / Soldier U needs 2 squash all da drama Pre-Chorus It's da e-tribe a riders up in this place Wit Mr. Zigg Zagg & Young Intelligence Why these fools can't believe in things unseen & what makes these fools think They can fade DA T.R.I.B.E FAMILY Chorus "Why U Wanna Trip On Me" / e-tribe & da Double Z "Why U Wanna Trip On Me" / e-tribe & Rated G "Why U Wanna Trip On Me" / e-Tribe & Mine' yea yea "Why U Wanna Trip On Me" / Intelligence down fo eternity Big Daddy Dub I ain't set trippin / Simply steady dippin / Just flipping my script I needs 2 stay equipped (& it's like dat) / When I goes 2 battle ratt tat tat yo / Can U feel my flow (It's all good) / I ain't got time fo all ya'll haters / Crazy perpetrators lunatic & phony fakers I needs 2 redeem my time / Walk a straight & narrow line Zigg Zagg needs 2 let his light shine / So if yo up on my back Cut a homie some slack / A little bit of grace / Before we end up face 2 face / On judgement day I pray / Were worthy of da day Because Heaven & earth / Someday pass away / Then what will U say / Ringing hells bells / Lock up in jail U can't make bail / Heavenly Daddy can set U free / I knowing cuz he did fo this G Germanator Out of da abundance of da heart / Da mouth speaks dat's how I sees Yo spirit is weak / Carnality is yo reality / No hospitality just verbal brutality / No service 2 yo master / Are U a spiritual bastard / Did U wash his feet bring in up off da streets / Did U feed a homeboy when he was in need / Mathew 25: 31 / Separating da goats from da Son Listin up Christian / Don't fall a sleep / So peep da scripture at hand Jesus said I am da I am