Wormwood Testo

Testo Wormwood

wormwood Big Daddy Dub Everybody kickback / Y'all needs 2 chill / Zigg Zagg about 2 reveal / What's up wit da 1 of da 7 seals Can U feel fo real Gods Word I thrill / This wicked world on ill / My homie John had a vision so listen my Son / Cuz da tribulation won't be fun / As peeped da Lamb he cracked / Da first of da 7 seals / A voice like thunder / Stuck on stupid & make U wonder / A white horse of course wit know remorse / It's rider a fighter strapped wit much force / As da conquer bent on a quest Wit a bullet proof vest / But Gods Word will still pierce a fool's chest / Da second horse was worse / Wit da power 2 take da piece from da earth / Fiery red 1 armed wit a large weapon / Man slaying man Son slaying Son / Everybobys gots quettas / Everybody's gotta gun / Don't act dumb so run loc run / 2 the foot of da cross / Da blood of da Lamb / Is da only way 2 shake da mad choas Chorus Wormwood Wormwood Is It Understood A Blazed Rock U Can't Stop Blown Up da Whole Hood Repeat Chorus Germanator Word when da 3rd / Seal open I heard / A 3rd of da living creatures / Like a Hollywood motion picture / Thee Intelligent wants 2 teach ya / My flow is fo real U need not appeal / Da Black horse came 2 mur-der & kill / In his hand a pair of scales This ain't no fairytale / Da forth horse was pale / It's rider named death / Bringing wild beast, plagues, & wars / Fo all da world there's no rest uh / Here is da deal / Wit da 5 of da s7 seals Da soldiers dat rolled strong / Blameless doing nothing wrong Nothing phony about their testimony / Spiting knowledge 2 all y' all homies / Now U know me / A loud Kry from da voices / From da persecuted 1's / & da wicked forces / Clothed in white robs Like Job 2 endure da pain / & what remains as pure as gold / But were told 2 be bold & not fold / But 2 kickback & chill / Fo a little bit still / Yo fellow servants are 2 be killed / Dat's what's up wit da fifth of da / 7th seal & (Dat's fo real) / Da 5th of the 7th seal Big Daddy Dub Great quakes shakes rattles & rolls / I feel fo yo soul if U don't know / Who sits on da throne / As da stars drop feel da hip-hop Da master DJ won't stop / Da sun turns black and / Da moon turns 2 blood / Everybody said "what" what, what, what, what Da wrath of da lamb who can stand? / Every Mountain Every Man / Every King from Every Land / Da rich & da slave / Bowed, Cried, & prayed / Let this be my last day / 2 hide from his face Regarding da sixth seal / I must reveal da 1 4 4 / Triple O that are sealed / It's not Jahova Witeness / Y'all need's 2 quit this / Yo class is dismissed into da abyss / & it ain't open fo a debate / Back 2 Revelations chapter 8 / We'll let God's Word set thangs straight He opened da 7th seal / Silence is what U hear have much fear Da seven angels are hear / But da third gave da Word / Deep Impact WORM WOOD