Big Time Testo

Testo Big Time

(feat. Live Squad, 2Pac)

[Background voice:]
"Impossibbbbbbbblllllleeeeee, take your love from me"

[Verse 1: E-Money Bags]
I thought the Earth saw, saw it all
I thought they wasn't ready for no more?
It's time for a new beginning
For every action, there's a reaction
Lost in golden pyramids outside
At first we were the 'havenotz'
The hunger even had some go out and Bag watch
But then the Jag dropped
What the fuck I'm supposed to do?
Go out and snatch blocks?
And hand out bricks, connect and politic like a Jew
I'd rather do it the classic way, like Cassius Clay
I'm the next sub to do this nobody after me
The sky's cracked with the force of my words
Here's the lesson, we the ones ya'll forever knownin, hearing the essence
Peep the planets how they all connecting
And my clique next to spit, who they ressurecting?
Yo check this shit, I ain't got lifetimes to recite lines
The pipelines was sent to ya with the right mind
Let the light shine
Keep ya shades on, cause it's the ama'zon
E-MoneyBags, Grand Imperial the label
Check my vision
I'm playing my part in this division
Till we big time, engraved in stone we'll be printed, yo

[Verse 2: Stretch]
Pull a card, here comes the Squad
Sure to bomb, never lost when I've sparred
It's hard cause I'm God!
And comes off the top
Don't they know a nigga got flavour
Mad cause I'm sharp as a razor
Bockin' when I'm walkin', always tryna take a niggaz fucking picture
Embarassed when my lawyers gettin with ya
I'm robbin ya life, rather jumbo
The thuggadon niggas, that incredible dope flow
I remain smooth, cops can't find no evidence
So I'll just laugh, look at my fucking dead presidents
Sending me decoys with marked money frontin' yo
What you need G? Nah, I ain't got nuttin'
I say "Give up ya gun"
Is what I tell em then I step
Wouldn't be top dog if I was one who slept
So show respect
I'm beyond that, livin' like Trump
The only difference is a nigga's never in a slump
Tax free is what it be G
Stacking while I'm macking
The Squad is Big Time if you wanna be exactin'
Dealin' with keys, you see these on the mad tip
Act like you want it and we'll have to just wreck shit

[Over Chorus:]
Kick rhymes, baby just recognise [Repeat]
[Background voice:]
"Impossibbbbbbbblllllleeeeee, take your love from me"

[Verse 3: Majesty]
Check it
We like master monks, moulding niggaz to perfection
Target 4 corners, conquer every section
Rizzers of the underworld, this Thug Nation
We got our own codes, every type can relate to me
And how we keep it? Deeper than the deepest secret, in the FBI files
Organise to crack vials
New Thug Order money getting submerged
Cross the border, politic with peace pipes
Puffin on that green water
Fuck whatcha heard, we moving the birds
Quantity large, busting at the sarge never follow me
Extreme measures, to finance the movement
Smash the diamond district, snatch the jewels quick
My inspiration, hundred percent dedication
Thug Nation be the final destination

[Verse 4: 2Pac]
Some say cracks the only way to get your papers
Prepare to catch the vapours
I'm violating niggas like a rapist
The coppers couldn't catch us with a net
The one you love to sweat
How crooked can a motherfucker get?
2Pacalypse Now's a real knucker
I'm slick and quick to pick her upper
After I fuck her then I duck her
Young Gunz niggas got em frantic
They just can't understand it
We get wrecked across the planet
Beeper goes off I hit the cellular
Coppers wanna gat me, they can't sweat me so the hell with cha!
You get the dick quick while I'm getting rich, bitch
Tried a lunatic, I flip and do some slick shit
Nigga, I'm like Gotti, give me body
Rob you for your drugs then put slugs in your hottie
And ain't nobody that can stop me
I'm rollin' with the Squad motherfucker damn posse
Come get your ass rolled up, I kid ya not
This shit I got I'll have ya sewed up
16 shots come and get mine
Fuck you motherfuckers cause I'm finally livin' Big Time!

[Over Chorus:]
Kick rhymes, baby just recognise [Repeat]
[Background voice:]
"Impossibbbbbbbblllllleeeeee, take your love from me"