Hopeless Romantics Testo

Testo Hopeless Romantics

You can love most of the people

Most of the time

Now and again if you're lookin' I'm sure

You will find

Someone who's helplessly hoping
That someday

They'll finally find the one

Hopeless romantics keep hoping that

Someday will come

Used to be you could be sure that a

Warrior was true

Nowadays everyone knows that it's cool to be blue

Constantly circling close to the flame And then stopping on a dime

Hopeless romantics will go down in flames every time

Hopeless romantics drop everything and run
When they find a broken heart

Always afraid that they're missing someone

With time on their hands and a missing part

So one of these nights when you're

Sitting at home all alone

And you've finally admitted you're lonely

Right down to the bone

You might as well get on out in it

'Cause you've got everything to lose

And hopeless romantics are always

At home with the blues

And a broken heart

Find the missing part

Hopeless romantics are usually

Hopelessly true