Head Down Testo

Testo Head Down

Yeah, time and time again I had to turn around and tell these hoes:
"Do just what I say! Ain't no way that you gon' tell me no!"
(Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Add it up! Bitch, I got heavy prose
And can fix you up, I seen your nigga, I can tell he broke
And I fucked your bitch 'cause you ain't that rich
I can tell you pissed, but I don't feel bad
Your lil' son think a nigga real cool
Boy, don't be a fool 'cause I ain't your dad!
So much ice, got so much pints
Can't pay your tab, that ain't your cash
Got my own cut, my hoe bag it (Yeah)
And just one flip, I can make your stash (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Head down, pussy— pussy poppin' (Yeah)
Head down, pussy— pussy poppin' (Yeah)
Head down, pussy poppin' (Yeah)
Head down, you can't do it like my man can (Yeah)
(Yeah... yeah... yeah)

Told that hoe, "I want the head, I ain't got time to talk"
Money make them bitches dance, you know them diamonds talk
Bitches swear they grindin' but they toppin' off
Arguing 'bout some petty hunnids, I am not involved!

I am not involved!