All About Love Testo

Testo All About Love

We know its been time talking to you,
So we figure we lay it on you.
Let you know how we feel about, love.
Paint a pretty smile, each day
Lovin, is a blessing,
Never let it fade away.
Its all about love

Build yourself a true romance,
Theres beauty that surround you
You deserve, just one more chance

My dear, my dear

Let the light snine, all through
Your mind feel your little, heart a glow.
Take the time, make up your mind
Its all about love

Talking to yourself is fine makes
You feel, much better,
Know just where to draw the line

My dear, my dear

Bound to fall in love one day
Surely and you need it,
Pretty smile will always say
Its all about love
We want to take this moment to run
Down a couple of things about things
We see everyday.