Pass You By Testo

Testo Pass You By

Don't let love pass you by
Pass you by
Don't let her pass you by
Don't let love pass you by

There's been many of days, and many of nights
I've wanted to play in your garden of love
To love you, don't let love
See, but I almost let you slip away
But something tapped me on my shoulder
To make me stay (sun goddess)
To love you, don't let love
Please don't, don't let it pass you by

There ain't much good in any goodbye
Especially when you've fallen in love
You've fallen in love
Well, and the simple things made you feel this way
And simpler things caused those feelings to change
Years from now, you'll reach for her, and she'll be gone


I find her in a warm place
Destined love should not be chased
Give her the utmost respect
Tell her she's your superstar

No good ones are hard to find
Less good hardly starts in mind
The one who always has tried
To be by your side on cold days
She loves you and cares
That you will be forever and ever happy