Rot Away Testo

Testo Rot Away

So this is how it ends, who are you trying to be?
Just a fuckin' waste, that's all I see.
Look at the way you live.
But you know it's true, you'll never fuckin' change,
Abusing other's sympathy to try and ease your pain.
It's fucking pathetic!
You gotta trust me man, I'm not taking sides,
It's just this sad sad world I'm trying to leave behind.
You think I have “nothing left to give”
Did you ever think, I've got my own life to live.

Now you're taking that cirtch, and diggin' a hole,
It's time to wise up and gain some self control.
I've seen this before, I know where you're headed,
But don't ask for my help, you can fuckin' forget it.
Don't ask for my help,
You can fuckin' FORGET IT!