Deep Testo

Testo Deep

Turn the lights lowPut some music onLet our bodies singSwing to the the soft songI feel ya heatIt's turning me onI wanna feel ya all night long soCome close, as close as you canI surrender you're so tender and tannedI wanna toss I wanna tumbleFeel and fumble, I wanna do itTill my belly rumblesSo look back andClose your eyes andWhile I fiddle you can fantasizeYeahCHORUS:Deep babyDeep deep downLike sweet sugar,So rest up on my chestWhat ya body wantsI got this, what you need insideI'm gonna rock thisI dream u screamand tighten your holdI tiggle in the middle as we giggleIn I go, oh, deep and down deeperLike an oceanAs I push I blow ya emotionsYou explode, like dynamiteU got the fuse but ya fuse Igot the lightTogether we swingShhhh! I hear our souls singA symphon,y a lover's harmonyCan U hear the harmonyCHORUSI'm gonna kiss ya from your head to ya toeI'm gonna lick ya where you'd want me to go, yeah!You skin within' hold ya tightYeah I butter the toastIf you lick the knfe and take a shower?Maybe bubble the bathI'll wash your's, you wash mineYeah we'll love a good laughI'll be the spongeThe sponge that wets you downThen I'll be the towel uponYour naked body wrapped aroundAnd then as the game comes 2 an endWe'll start again, againCHORUS