Gotta Do Something Testo

Testo Gotta Do Something

Yeah, we gotta do something Yeah, we gotta do something fast Yeah, we gotta do something If we want this world to last, yeah Starvation, mountains made of wheat World balance, this could not be Some have pennies, others have pounds Some have diamonds shining in their crowns Fall apart, it's falling down Do something, do it now Do something, do something Do, do-a-do-a-do something now Destruction, bombs ready to drop Whole world at war, it's got to stop We gotta love to stay alive We've got to pray that we all survive Sacrificed our future, crucified our past What are we gonna do, if we're gonna last? Times are getting harder, harder by the day Everybody help this world, everybody pray Something for the rich, something for the poor Something for the ones that ain't too sure Something for the heart, something for the soul I think a real leader better take control Take these lads back to where they're at Fulfill the plan of man, get back on the track Cause we're being watched by the eyes above Yeah, the eyes of love Something for the free, something for the sorrow Something for today so we see tomorrow So much to be done, to be cleared The rubble and trouble just seem to double each year Bigger and bigger, getting worse Building and building, about to burst So do something before we're gone And we're just a rock where a world went wrong