Steam Testo

Testo Steam

Chorus: Steam, steam There's no need to be afraid Steam, steam Let the lake of love flow Steam, steam 2 night let's become one soul Steam x8 Call me for the pleasure You can call me for the pain Call me on the phone Or on the mental plane I'll be the freak you need I contain what U came 4 Come without Karma To destruct the dancefloor Rise to the top, never stop Drop like cream U bring the body and I'll bring the steam Love can love you Love can heal you Love can see you Love can feel you Love can warm you (oh babe) Love can calm you Love will help you Love won't harm you Steam, like a cream dream Never stop rising I'll rub you like a wave Going out while the tides in Precious bubbilicious Hard or nice n' easy Smooth with the move to sooth Dry or greasy Here is your harmony Here is your friend Kindred spirit of ethereal blend Meet me on a cloud Go on a journey, sure I'll take your body on A mystery tour The clock upon your wall Is tickin' slower and slower Time disappears as I go Lower and lower I know your final fantasy But I can't repeat that Doubting about me Bet you doubt, I'll defeat that I'm your spiritual dancer Your emotion enhancer Any way you wanna go Whether below or on top I'll love you down All around in and out And all about I got your drinkable water I'm your lover non stop Outside is raining but inside it's wet.