Marionette Testo

Testo Marionette

The damage is done and the lights go down. Another thrill and the audience is baffled. Our second nature is first to be followed. Well leave this town in the wake of domination. Well this is what we wanted; this is life according to plan. Stand up to someone or youll starve in their shadow. Well this is what we wanted, this is life according to plan. Retrace these old roads that lead straight to the capital. Slow it down. Speed it up. Set the pace to march for all our independence. We are falling in line. Slow it down. Speed it up. Counting seconds in the dark leading up to something but its hard to define. Sever the string and theyll fall apart. I can rally all the troops so you can say
Im sorry but a little line that I shouldnt have crossed has compromised all you lives
. Now Im sorry doesnt work for you. Is there a last request, as you stand waiting for the fall; you should have known then to cross the battle lines. Youve been standing on a deeper fault line. Is there a last request, as you crawl bleeding down the hall. Their words are a coffin and were trapped inside. We fight to breathe; we must succeed, we will survive. Congratulations to the slayers of Shakespeare, youve turned the written word of a tragedy into a cause for devastation. Does your heart have a string tied? Black eyes and bloody knuckles, well take the throne or well decay, this is our revolution, the lower class has joined the fray. We are falling in line, you have fallen