The Two-Armed Man Testo

Testo The Two-Armed Man

You were the fire in my eyes.
But I'm wanting to burn you out!

With a hit and a miss
And all over the bound.

Whoa whoa whoa whoaoaoaoa.

Tearing you down,
I see the fear in your eyes.
I aint scared of ya fist or ya,
Mothafreakin lies.




Your not trying,
I swear that I'm trying
Please stop trying
My head.

You gotta be kidding me?

I know it hard to say...
But its the truth cause,
Everything you throw my way
Is the same cause,
All I do.
Is waste my time with you.
When all is said and done,
Will I be the one,
Who' left alone again,
Now I'm stuck here,
Wasting, wasting away.

Everybody says that your on
top of the world.
But I know the truth,
You're a sick sad son of a gun
And your right hand's a one way ticket to hell.


I am the saint of you
you were a saint to me
but I battle on