Lez dänce Testo

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Testo Lez dänce

Feel the heat, feel the beat
feel the rhythm of your feet
let's dance bummtarata mtata
bummtarata tatntata

I am professor rhythm
I am doctor groove
I like to move
ich bin Tänzer von Beruf
Lez dänce bummtarata mtata

I am dancing like a twister
I am the groove minister
and now I am telling you
what to do -
are you ready?

Lez dänce - Nananananananananana...
lez dänce bummtarata mtata

First to the left, then to the right
moven, grooven, Heiterkeit

Let's dance bummtarata mtata...

Drehung, Schraube,
wir landen im Spagat
auweiha popaiah, Nasenbeinsalat
Uno e due ras qua tri

Lez dänce - Nananananananananana...