Rewind That Testo

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Testo Rewind That

U already know
i'mma make it hot
from the stage to the dancefloor
u know i'mma rock
u can feel the heat
when i step up in the spot
when i'm walkin by
people beggin me to stop (stop)
from my head to my shoes
so fresh so cool
and my new gucci bag
aint no way i can loose
headed to the floor
i'mma bout to bust a move
ba-by u know how wee dooo this

everywhere i go all eyes on mee ( on meee yeah )
the fellas in the back and they're yellin call meeee
can't nobody put it down like me

mic check let me know if i'm comin through (rewind that)
i'mma put on a show for uuu ( rewind that )
every single time i do my thing ( rewind that i'mma makem say rewind that )
mooove - move when i step on floor
i'm gonna put on a show
yeah ya already know
i'm make them people say rewind
mic check am i comin through rewind that (eh)
can't nobody put it down like me
from overseas to the A
no ones gonna stop me
u can hate if u want
but my wrist still rocky
i'ma supastar
aint no doupt about it ( so holla )
and u - u know how we do this (u know how wee doo thiiiisss)