A Satana Testo

Testo A Satana

Under my watchful eye
Not a creature can elude me
Your faith tumbles as I'm near
The idea of sin is an illusion

Death is what you fear the most
But it's only an awakening
Go(o)d and evil are the same thing
Come and dance free in my circle
Join my light as I'll take you home

Salute o Satana o ribellione
O forza vindice de la ragione
Sorvola i baratri poi si nasconde
Per antri incogniti per vie profonde

If you tremble my smile's on you
There's no peace that I defend
If you escape me I'm on the back
I demon will conquer you

Life is tiring and trivial
And your priest is but a fool
Light and shadow same old game
In my realm of opposites

Right into the flames I will take you home

Satana luce in tenebra sarà per l'eternità