The Runaways Testo

Testo The Runaways

Quick open up your window
You gotta come a with me now
It's time to go
Shout at the moon
Or we could build a fire
Sit there
Till morning comes
But morning
Always coming too soon
Let's run away
We can go
Anywhere now
Time's only here
For so long
Let's run away

We can jump off the world
It's spinning tonight
Don't worry about the moon
It let's us win
We can tell stories
For the trees here tonight
Noah is calling us
In two by two

Don't be afraid now, baby
Let's go now
And we'll tell nobody
We can be gone now, baby
If you like

Let's sail a bathtub
Out there on the black sea
Ride a three legged horses
Just to lose
Let's face the music
Sitting with a stranger
Too many times to lose
The thought of home

We have to do
All this before the morning
Keep looking at the road
We're gone real soon
I know the magic won't wait
Now it's found us
I do those back street runs
For one last time