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Testo Funky Voltron

[Verse 1]
We heard about the mess
E: We brothers on stage
I: But we have more finesse
E: So if we orchestrate well [YEEEESSSS?]
I: Then you should put us on and press charge the clientele
E: And if the live show is strong... [YEEEESSSS?]
I: Shit, we form like Voltron (E: Let's get it on)
The triathlon, telepath, math
E: When he aint speak,
I: ...He speaks on my behalf
Mentally connected
E: Throw the microphone 50 feet in the air
I: And then catch it
E: Somebody throws a baby...
I: Oh shit!
E: Do a spin move and catch it
I: ...And the crowd goes crazy
E: Call me foolish
I: 180? [YEEEESSSS?]
E: Maybe twice the sacrifice
I: My life knifed the lazies (???)
SO all ladies... [YEEEESSSS?]
E: Best move with the groove let me do it for you, tuck your titties back in
I: This aint a place of sin...
E: I think it's more like sport
I: Let the games begin!
E: We got the raw-type talk
I: Absorb it like salt
E: Four by Four
I: That's the steps on the floor
E: 'Eography' with the prefix core
I: What be the core but a solid foundation?
E: Skill
I: Preparation
These sorts of things make a fine rap and make...
I: ...Faces I bake
E: Take a look at those kicks [Are you thinkin of me?]
E: Your physique is a dream indeed
I: It's like peaches and cream
E: We more mean like needles
And see, so they bleed tryina compete with the team
We form V-O-L-T-R-O-N so [YO!] [What's your problem?]
E: This mic will let you know [It's about time] (??)

E: What's your name good man?
I: Insight, with the plan, who are you too?
E: Edan, and together we stand
I: Cos when the beats sound iffy and the kids bark live
E: It'll be a sad day like when the Bizmark dies!
I: This sort's mine to master (???)
E: Or is it as a grand mixer?
I: Speed it up a little faster...
E: That's quicker
I: Pumpin through the transistor
E: Ghetto-blastin
I: With the master builders
E: Spinnin ass it'll (rapper's build?) is a massive thrill ???
I: But actually mass'll kill
E: With daffodils
I: We smash and kill
E: Captivate!
I: Match a chill
We catchin mass-appeals!
I: So this competition lack the skill?
E: So we shouldn't feel shame when we crack they grill!
I: But is the mission fulfilled?
NO! The people await the next show!
[What's your game?] [This is my game] ???