Dat U Fi Run Testo

Testo Dat U Fi Run

Girl nothing in life is free
a wam to her doggie


want de money bag bust
the pussy fi run first
iphone and deh purse
the pussy fi run first
she are curse go make it worse
the pussy fi run first
real bad man nah nurse
bout she wahn rent fi pay
the pussy fi run first
ask me why the delay
the pussy fi run first
she wahn tax me everyday
the pussy fi run first
that you fi run

verse 1

she no wahn give me the working
she better tink it over
and bend over if she wahn fi drive inna me rover
no gal cahn call me out
an nhame me out and want to clothe her
bout she come from town
and live all the way inna hanover
stand up firm
nah make no gal come push me over
like a key me turn her over
ever like a car and over
bout she want baby phat jeans
and expensive pullover
tell her fi run de pussy first
run de pussy first


me hear yevette
a say me do her a ting she
coudn't figet
de way me trick around
get dat ting deh me a de skillest
a tell venice inna bedroom
me a de illest
the 'mount a slam she get
she a ball she nearly fi death
and a tell bridget
bout de work where me give it
mek she hold note
like admiral tippet
say she ready fi to settle down
swear to god live it
de rest of man dem where she slam
already she regret


first verse