Assail The Creation Testo

Testo Assail The Creation

Bring fear, sisters of no mercy
Wield your scythes infinity burns high above the ground
You're liquid fire, drink tears from their eyes
Unleash the storm of hatred, the reaping has begun...
Waiting in the shadows
A knife that stabs the blind
Forged into the anvil of defiance
Burning, Hatred
Towards your world's demise
Embrace us with your wings, come forth...
Assail the Creation
Burning, Hatred
Let your Scythe reap the skies...
It's time for pain never-ending...
The end justifies the means, go on now whore yourself to absolve it
The hungry end, the horrid dreams, assessment of your life
The dawn of torment
I am the lie in your fairytale, I am the shade
I twist the truth, I annihilate and decide your fate
Perish now mortals, purgatory awaits
I will end all creation, a swarm of plagues
Devour the embers of a dying dream
Obscure perceptions, assorted with your screams
Reap through the heavens, run into the night
Undo the Cosmos, bring chaos back to light
Sown are the seeds of corruption now harvest
Eradicate the plague, purge all the numbness