The rainy life with you Testo

Testo The rainy life with you

I wanna give myself away why, why, why?

At times I wish I was in eternal sleep,
I'm only at peace when I can hold you in my dreams
Maybe little selfish, but I am not a creep
It seems that I treasure all the little things (can it be)
Then I've come to realize what you mean to me!

You bring sunshine into my life
You take the clouds away
The rain away, the pain away for another day
I feel your love is all around me
Blessings of love have finally found me
But I still wait to find
No one by my side
When will the world stay calm around me?
Will the sun shine down on me?
When will I see if I know ever at times it seems like never?
When will the rain stop pouring on me?
When will I find someone to love me?
When will the clouds disappear, and I find you standing here?