Bohemian Schnapsidee Testo

Testo Bohemian Schnapsidee

Is this the real grind?
calling themselves grind
is just far from reality
Open your eyes
this is no real grind
you'll see
this is just poor noise
sounds like Hypocrisy
because it's easy blasts, easy growl
little grind, little core
Any way the shit rolls
doesn't really matter to me, to me
Fuckers, just kill this noise
I don't care how much it sells
this is crap and nothing else
Fuckers, stop this Pimpel-sound
cause all of your 3 albums sounded gay
Fuckers, uh
your image is a lie
I'll sell my copies of you online tomorrow
they'll be gone, they'll be gone as if nothing really matters
I hate your every song
send shivers down my spine
my ears aching all the time
goodbye, Excrementory
you've got to go!
gotta leave this grindcore scene and face the truth
Fuckers, uuuuh
why did I buy
I wish I'd never bought your albums at all
I see a little shithead of a fan
Rufus, Rufus, will you do it like Rambo
Grindcore fast as lightning, very very tight indeed
We're just a cool band
everybody loves us
We're just a cool band, Excrementory
Mixing some grind with some monstrosity
Easy blast, easy growl, will we play it slow?
Grindkiller! No, we will not play it slow!
Play it slow!
Grindkiller! We will not play it slow!
Play it slow!
Grindkiller! We will not play it slow!
Play it slow! (Will not play it slow)
(Never, never, never, never) Play it slow o o o o...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
(Oh mama mia, mama mia) Mama Mia, play it slow!
The Grindfuckers have been playing such a grind for me! for me! for me!
So you think you can dismiss our band and our style
So you think you can claim what we're doing's not grind
Oh, baby, just piss off from me, baby
Get the fuck out, get the fuck right outta here
Nothing's really grindcore
Anyone can see
Nothing's really grindcore
Nothing's really grindcore to me
Any way the shit rolls...