Chemical Woman Testo

Testo Chemical Woman

I was rock'n real close to the bass bin
while look'n for a chick ta' put my face in
when I saw a little hottie that looked so tight
hoped that she was down ta' mack on all night
alright from a distance she looked real thin
so I swooped in, with a fat grin
she smiled at me and I smiled back
then off to the corner so that we could ...
I said hi and then she went off
talk'n so fast I thought she'd never stop
then I quickly realized that she was tweak'n
and reak'n, of crystal meth
it was on her breath
(Dude that chick smelled like feet!)
when her spracker teeth leaned in ta' kiss me
I dissed thee and prepared ta' flee
(Buga, buga, bugack, bugack!)
when she asked what was wrong
she cold scratched her head
just ta' get away, this is what I said:

Chemical Woman ... stay away from me
Chemical Woman ... go brush you teeth
Chemical Woman ... go get some sleep
Chemical Woman ... smoke your tweak!

I spent a long time with a girlfriend
we were best friends, until the bitter end (biatch!)
happy two, forever true, I dug her
never saw, her grinding jaw, I loved her
she acted strange and I asked her why
allergies and coffee beans is what she implied
(Man how could you not know that chick was a basshead?)
cause her nice behind, it kept me blind
how could I tell she was addicted ta' coke smoke
how could I know she was live'n ta' smoke coke
too much love, like a tool I'm a real fool
everybody knew except me cause I'm old school
dank smoke'n, bowl toke'n, stoner I'm clueless
(Yo we aint down with crack ho's!)
and she knew this!
after a while she seemed ta' hit a real low
up all night anorexic like a bean pole
gums flap, forever yap, nag happy, useless
had ta' say goodbye her legs were look'n like toothpicks
had ta' leave my lady sad and she's sad back
told my lady she was shady brain fried she's whack


Why can't you fuck'n quit that... crystal meth?
Don't you know that it will ruin your breasts?
Why can't you fuck'n quit that... crack cocaine?
Don't you see that you will ruin your brain?
Why can't you fuck'n stop, smoking them rocks?
Don't you know that you will lose what you got?
Strawberry! Strawberry!
She's a mighty fine strawberry!
Strawberry! Strawberry!
She's a very, very strawberry!
Strawberry! Strawberry!