The Ratio Testo

Testo The Ratio

Why ya' always roll'n with your guy friends
The party always sucks when ya' bring them
You need ta' bring over some girlfriends
Cause ya' know that sweet love'n makes my mind bend

Welcome to the party, that's a bottle let me take it
Now ya' got ta' leave, but I'm glad your girl could make it
Yes you, you and your crew
With your Miller Light brew and your frat hair doo
Yo I don't mean ta' be a dick, but we got ta'
Maintain a healthy mix, so you ought'a
Try roll'n with more chicks than none!
It's never fun when it's twenty guys ta' one
Man why ya' got ta' roll so deep
Why ya' got ta' pack twenty guys into your jeep
Don't you know there's a balance that a parties got ta' keep
And ya' blew it when ya' brought just meat
Cause you're weak when you're roll'n all stag
Some would even say that your look'n like a fag
Don't creep, or roll away all mad
Just take the sword fight to your own sausage pad
Man I'm sorry but your possie's got ta' go
Out the door until yer come'n back with ho's
Don't ya' know it's the original party sin

Hey Bro! You got ta' go
Don't ya' know, that yer fuck'n up the ratio
Hey Bro! You ought ta' know
Time ta'go, cause yer fuck'n up the ratio

Hey fine ladies, come in, I wanna do ya'
Our parties go'n off, no I wouldn't lie to ya'
How many girlies do ya' got in tow?
Ho dee do girl, all I see is bros
Damn you lied when you was knock'n at my door
It was just impled you was roll'n round with hos
You're out the door because yer deal is done
Ya ought'a know twenty dicks aint fun!
No it aint cool for you ta' bring over your guy friends
I'm no fool because I'm telling you goodbye then
Don't cry yer the one you brought guys
It's your fault that they'll never get inside
I'm gonn'a die if I see another dude
Yet, you insinuate that I'm the one who's rude
Girl, don't bring yer whole seen to my face
Because yer dick train is take'n up my space
Like a rabbit's got a habit for Trix
I'm that type of guy that only wants ta' meet chicks
Ya' know I got enough friends with dicks
So go and get a sacrifice ta' throw into the mix
You'd better bring a hottie but a guy NO WAY!
And if you bring a guy this is what I'll say