Darling Testo

Testo Darling

Don't lie; don't lie to me now,
Now I'm erasing you,
Throwing those memories out,
Out to start something new,
I'm throwing those memories,
Darling don't lie to me.

Breathe in slowly now; darling don't lie to me,
Inhale truth I plead for you're my only hope,
Don't lie, don't leave.

My minds set on failure with the road you chose
Told me you loved me told me you...

Take your time I'm only dying
Patiently i kneel here dying
Curse the blind you curse the blind
Deep inside is where it lies

What got me into this mess that devoured me?
(Darling don't lie)
Lies and deceitful actions keep promising
(Don't mind me I'm only dying)