Hands in chains Testo

Testo Hands in chains

From time to time the colors change
at least the picture is the same
don´t you see that my picture is always painted in black,
myx hands in chains.
Don´t turn the fucking radio on.
You´ll just notice,that music got a slave of money.
at least we forgot the sense.
Our live is controlled by so many superfictial things that we semm to forget the real important ones!
This one goes out to all my friends.
Remember my words when i´m long gone.
We all walk the same way.Don´t stay behind, don´t try to hide.
As long as religion and politics keep on starting conflicts
our society suffers from a desease no-one can heal.
Must be the voice of darkness that speaks to us in quit moments and ha so much influence.
This one goes out to all my friend.Remember my words when i´m long gone.
we all walk the same way.
don´t stay behind
don´t try to hide