Cok gec (to little to late) Testo

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Testo Cok gec (to little to late)

Cok gec canim cok gec
Umutlar artik bitti cok gec
Artik yolu sen gec

What up do you like what you see
Suddenly do you feel a little sorry
Tell me baby
Being alone has made us see things differently
I use to love you crazily
I could see it in your face your mind was in another place place
You took to long anothers come and took your place
Just like that took your place
Sense a cold breeze
Talking bout the deceit
You're the one who gave me up so easily

To little to late dont your know know
I really dont care so go go
I dont care to no no

Ayri kalmamiz zaman tanidi bize
Sorguyla aldim askimizi
Yavas yavas gördüm gercek yüzünü
Hic bilmezmisim seni ben seni ben

Laflarin serbet gibi akan laflarin
Lokma gibi
Yedikce ben büyüledim
Gercegi görmemisim
Meger ne zehirmis yedigim