For Da Love Testo

Testo For Da Love


[Verse 1: Guru]
Yeah (Big EZ) we doin' this for da love (Gifted Universal)
Layin in the cut doin this for da love "Hip-hop"
Bout to blow this shit out the frame
We do it for the love "..what hip hop's supposed to sound like"
As nights turn to days, days go back to nights, we be seekin' the light
And keeping it tight up in the street life
I meet life, head on, no holds barred
Born with a hearts of gold, now mostly cold and scarred
But fuck that, nigga, there ain't no time to dwell on
The mystics and obstacles that ya fell on
It's time to add on and put some flesh upon the skeleton
Nobody wins when we all lose
Acceptin the straps this year me and my niggaz are refused
We all choose instead to go all out
Till the radiation until the nuclear fall out, and
Even then rhymes are like protective suits
Only worn by the members of our selected troop
What's the scoop nigga? We know this rap shit makes money
But whether I come through dift or whether I come through bummy
I spit razor type rhymes off my dome son lovely

[Scratched and cut by DJ Premier x4]
"Showing all these corny motherfuckers
what hip hop is supposed to sound like" - A.G. - The Next Level

[Verse 2: EZD]
Livin catastrophic me and Guru, cop it
This how we drop it I feel good about this topic
Illegal eagle you're the parrot pull ya card like a Tarot
I name brand your generic
What goes up must come down, the law of physics
You dine with a snake get ate by the lizzard
Mad gifted mad lifted
See me Guru beef don't risk it I'm with it
D & D style buck ass wild, poppin' shot all
I keep the hard shit to rock on
Y'all funny cats who y'all? Names be boo blah
We do this for da love keep ya mula
Recognize E with the Z like Zorro
Livin' constantly on semi-auto
The way I rock ya you'll be missin' like Hopper
So retire before me and my fam call you out like an umpire

[Scratched and cut by DJ Premier]
"Showing all these corny motherfuckers
what hip hop is supposed to sound like"
"Showing all these corny motherfuckers..motherfuckers"

I come of the top rope like the WWF
Slammin' you to the mat with this ill type format
Take that rap I just made aiiyo store that
Just like on a Pentium with CD-ROM and all that

Me and Guru Converse on All Star can't play this team
Live with a magnum not come sell it with the laser beam
It don't pay the dream about makin' mayor cream
It's ironic like Russel Simmonds wearin faded jeans

Know what I mean? So many cats be wantin' to rhyme man
Yo why man? Don't they know this shit be takin' time man
I remember when I used to carry DJ crates
Back with my man someway he landed upstate

How we roll, you supposed to know that
We picture perfect like Kodak, yo

You get ya wack demo throwed back, save that
Keep that, cause we don't need that

We peep that we in this for da love
Word to my seed black

We comin' with dumb flows and each and everyone knows
That with EZ and Guru the fam just grows

Can't long won't stop rockin to the rhythm
Cause ah I get down, cause I get "Down like" - Nas - NY State Of Mind

[Scratched and cut by DJ Premier][repeated til fade]
"..what hip hop is supposed to sound like" - A.G. - The Next Level