Moon Testo

Traduzione di Moon bandiera italia

Testo Moon

Moon - you're just a ball
and you - you're just a girl
Moon, moon - you're just a ball
God knows he's only playing pool

Prayer - you're a long distance call
And hope springs eternal
Leaves me to stare at the moon

Name - you're nothing more
Face - face, you're only skin and bone
Voice - you've been to heaven and back
By the time that I hear you on the telephone

House - the one that I was born in
I read somewhere you spin at 600 miles an hour
Sun - it's obvious you're stalling
Don't burn out of fire
Burn just as long as you can.

Thighs - you're just for walking
Bond - I know we bond out of fear
Song - you're a moon starer talking
And laughter - you're the smile that he can hear

Moon - you're just a ball

Desire - you're the only nature
Pain - pain, you're my self defense
Love - how can I love or hate you?
When you say that I haven't got common sense

Honesty - I know that you're rewarded
Lies - you're rewarded as well
Money - once they get you hoarded
They try to convince me
You can't buy me happiness and health

Power - is what excites you, I wish that I did as well
Meek - you think that you shall inherit
In that case I think I want to be in hell

Moon - you're just a ball
You - you're just a girl
Moon - you're a girl
Moon - you're a girl