My Teeth Hurt Testo

Testo My Teeth Hurt

I look out from my own eyes like a diver from a mask
I'm deep inside a world view I know can never last
My teeth hurt because I don't care
Pull out some black material
Lodged in my inner ear
My teeth hurt, I don't know why
I refuse to call this living life and I refuse to die

I turn the amp up higher
My incisors start to scream
The treble's like a root canal
The bass is oral surgery
I turn the music louder as a test of my endurance
I don't believe in Novocaine or have dental insurance
My teeth hurt and I don't care
The ache inside reminds my mind my body's really there
That's why my teeth hurt, but I don't complain
When pleasure lets you down, you learn to lean into the pain

I look out from my own eyes like a diver from a mask
I don't know how I'm doing lately
Fuck you if you ask
My teeth hurt, but I don’t seek a cure
I'm not sure I can bite the hand that feeds me anymore
I’m sure my teeth hurt
But again I don't know why
I brushed and brushed, I must just be a teeth hurt kind of guy