Pig Face Liar Testo

Testo Pig Face Liar

I was the one that you laid out on the tabletorn from the heart that once was too blindnow I see clearly the skull that smiles on the mantlethis open wound that bleeds for the deception of meaccess deniedyou swineaccess deniedyou swineaccess... access... deniedyou're a pig-face liaryou're a pig-face liaryou're a pig-face liarand you cannot denyI only wanted retribution yet you seem not to carelike hybrid flies of filth you reek of the stench of your liesnaked and bleeding I realize that you have forever buried meI live inside the bitter sweet love of pain that is now thineno love for you insideno lovethis cross you bare is always thereit does not care if you are hereit never sleeps, it lurks insideit hunts you down and you're silent screams are the only soundthis cross you barethis cross you bare