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Testo The Emo Solution

Put the gun to your head.
Now pull the trigger.
Do you think if you were dead,
that you'd feel better?
I know of millions
who would kill to fill your shoes.
An endless list of names
who know real pain and abuse.
But you're convinced
that you're a wreck.
Your life's a mess
you just can't fix.
It seems you'd rather
give up than try.
Fuck the effort.
Just lay down and die.
Is this your emo solution?
You've given in
to depression and delusion.
You'd like to think that you're the only one
who has ever hurt.
But we've all had sand thrown in our face
and received a mouth full of dirt.
So climb on out of your rut,
or get buried alive.
Because you don't deserve to live
if you won't save your own life