When The Freaks Come Out Testo

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Testo When The Freaks Come Out

It was a perfect night
Dinner by candle light
Two lovers walking hand-in-hand
Champagne and perfume
Then to the ballroom
The singer signals to the band

The couple tango
And then fandango
They've never danced like this before
Nary a care
And both unaware
That there's danger on the dance floor!

They dance the night away
But from her hideaway
Someone is watching every move
A former lover
Who's just discovered
That he's moved on to someone new

She's seeing red now.
She wants him dead now
She goes and barricades the door
Well Isn't it sad?
This woman is mad
Now there's danger on the dance floor!

Then the dancers stop because they
Think that they hear a funny sound
Then all off the sudden the chandelier falls down!

It misses narrowly
But this is harrowing
The lovers tremble, intertwined
They were just out for
A night on the dance floor
She is just out of her mind!

The couple look around
No exit can be found
They fear the she may have one in store
Scared to admit
That this could be it
Facing danger on the dance floor!

But in all her rage she fails to
See what is going on around
The band leader sneaks and tackles her to the ground!

And in a dashing blur
He's overpowered her
She struggles but to no avail
They make it out alive
Police show up and drive
This crazy woman to the jail
So glad that they're alright
It's been a wild night
And to be certain, not a bore!
Though, next time they've said they'll
Stay in instead
No more danger on...