Old Gods And New Tricks Testo

Testo Old Gods And New Tricks

Well I'm searching for some comfort
In these words and chords
and the courage cant be found here
between the walls I know
I'm trying to keep this memory
from falling down the back of my throat
choking me on every one
cause I don't want to be alone

with my mistakes
with my mistakes
with my mistakes
with my mistakes

I've found a new place for everything
even this black feeling
now make two pillows one and try sleep
but theres nothing you can do again at 2am
and nothing left in your chest
and its misery that coming..?
I think this will work out best

Now I want these legs to take me where no one owns me
And leave this tired home wrapped in the sad goodbyes

If heart break can teach you anything
apart from a lack of eating
is that we're all this close to breaking

From out mistakes