Rockin It Testo

Testo Rockin It

Ahhh... Fearless Four... Well, I'll be back for more... They're here! DLB (hu huh hah ha) Tito (ha hah, ha hah) Mike C (hey girl, hey girl) Peso... (D-L-B's) rockin it rockin it yes he is rockin it (Tito's) rockin it yes he is rockin it (Mike C!) rockin it yes he is rockin it (ha hu-hah!) (Peso!) rockin it yes he is rockin it We're all rockin it you should be rockin it, rockin it... rockin it Don't, don't fight or fuss If, you, wanna rock with us Our talent's with us, so with us leave your trust Get to the show train cab or bus cause we're Rockin it rockin it yes we are rockin it, rockin it... rockin it Yeah! Hah ha-hah ha-hah! Wassup baby? You know par-tay people we are back again With a sure shot win But we're much more better than we were back then Not that we were apart, but yo we gets smart AS LONG AS THE RETURN IS OF THE FEARLESS FOUR Featuring DLB, Tito, and Mike C And Peso -- hah, and we won't S-T-O-P Cause see we'll tell ya from the top that our crew won't stop SO LET THE BELLS JING-A-LING AND LET THE CHAMPAGNE POP! Oh it's a celebration Sort of a dedication, to all our fans throughout the nation Who send in their letters and dial in on a cord AND FOR ALL THE NEWCOMERS JUST GETTIN ON BOARD Who wanna rock with us and turn the party out Well we wanna know what the Fearless is all about Why don't ya come along with us, if ya wanna scream and shout And especially come if you have no doubt that we're Rockin it... rockin it Now, goin' one-by-one Individually we'll rhyme to expand the fun So clear yourself from the launchin pad as we blast off We'll begin with the first, and end with the fourth As we're rockin it (rockin it y'all) rockin it [DLB] My skills, will climb, when I start, to rhyme And I'm always guaranteed to be on time You're like me, you got good taste just look at my bod' and face Microphone wizard is in the race and I am in first place Cause anyway I am the best on top of East West DLB's on top of all of the rest when I'm Rockin it... rockin it [Tito] You know the rhymes are so bad when they come to me I'll make your fans step forward, and other rappers flee Ask me about my skills and I'll reply top shelf, ha ha ha To tell the truth, well I amaze myself, hey how Am I so good, well I really don't know But I know that there's no other, quite like Tito when I'm Rockin it... rockin it [Mike C] Well I'm a million dollar boy and a billion dollar man And if you got it I can get it with a wave of my hand Got a voice so nice never say rhymes twice Never have to explain, because I'm so precise And if you ever wanna battle, you better prevent The Mighty Mike C! MC President when I'm Rockin it... rockin it [Peso] Well let's get right down to the bottom of things We're here to get you on the floor with the music we bring Smurfin out, shake bake and rattle n roll Dance to the jazzy rhymes of the Great Peso Comin out like a winner from the startin gate Endin up like a champ you know, so great I may be last on the line, but I'm one of the best Can't you hear, my rhymes are funky fresh when I'm Rockin it... rockin it And we're rockin it... rockin it And you're rockin it... rockin it [Fearless Four] Now, even as we play There's a new wave of sound goin' on today We know your time is very precious so we won't stall We'll just put some words together and tell you all How we're Rockin it...(rockin it y'all) Rockin it It's the computer rhyme, a new electrical shock Consisting of weird noises all around the clock But of course music plays along cause it's a must So let us tell you who does all of this for us (O.C) He stands up behind the strong (O.C) He keeps the beat on time for so long (O.C) Goes along dance, rhyme or song (O.C) The Master won't steer you wrong when he's Rockin it... rockin it! (Crazy Eddie) In my opinion, no.1 protege (Crazy Eddie) There ain't a record that he can't play (Crazy Eddie) See him once and I know you'll say (Crazy Eddie) Can hold his ground against any DJ when he's Rockin it... rockin it! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh yeah? OH YEAH.