Deathwalker Testo

Testo Deathwalker

"My God, My God, Why have You forsaken me?" (Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabacthani) The dowry of creation, one Man's holocaust Drunk on the martyr's blood, whore of Babylon 30 silver talents priced the Rose of Sharon Inner sanctum torn aveil exposed for redemption MY NAIL, YOUR HANDS ON MY HATRED YOU HANG "IT IS FINISHED!" The ponderance remaining still, existence waits its fate Darkness shrouds the grave of God, buried in human hate Eden's beauty the wreath that lay for a Garden tomb Death's dance 3 days stepping, Zion's shout that looms MY NAILS,YOUR HANDS ON MY HATRED,YOU HANG Tears of the prophets have all gone dry Behold the noose of Death, fraying away Hanging heavily, history's guilt The temple, will it be rebuilt? Eruption of life eternal Humanity's tomb stone removed Behold the choruses of Creation Majestic Son of light, risen DeathWalker MY NAILS,YOUR HANDS ON MY HATRED,YOU HANG