Between The Lines Testo

Testo Between The Lines

You've been down for so longCan't seem to find out what's wrongTho I've tried and triedTo see what's behind those dark eyesAnd then you tryTo hand me a line"Like it's all right for me to be unkind"...Oh you swine!Can't you see what you've doneYou've got me on the runGirl you know I've criedNight after night -- pardon meBut if you get timePlease drop me a lineSome little white linesWouldb low my mindIf you could be with me nowI'd make you see it somehowBut you won't take the timeTo see what's inside of my mindBut if you get timePlease send me a lineOr maybe twoTo blow my mindI'll be there for a timeBut then we'll say bye!